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Digital Branding & Digital Marketing Solutions

2018-10-12 Mello Sys 0 Digital Marketing

We are an IT & Digital Branding Firm and have proven a Dozen times in Real estate & Hospitality #OnlinemarketingandMediaproductions.

Our Digital Media Services includes : #360VirtualTours(PanoramicPhotography) #CorporatePhotography #ProductPhotography #CorporateVideos #HelicamShoots

The 360 View can be integrated to the Web page and it could provide a virtual experience of your property/rooms to your clients via Internet and results in more client engagement. . The content can be shared through Whatsapp, Facebook and Email. This will also run OFFLINE in iPAD.

We work in a very efficient way and ensures the Clients budget are well allocated to the Digital segment which generates the most number of LEADS or client engagements .Our 360 Virtual Tour production has been executed in more than 50+ client locations. We also have in-house experts in Advanced Cinematography for laser sharp campaigns.


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